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Selected exhibitions:
Every flower was wild and every plant was a weed. Solo exhibition at Pon Ding, Taipei.
Taken notice of the Moon Weird Things. Toronto.
Unfound, Museum of Pseudoarchaeology Mumei. Tokyo.
No egg is perfect Embassy of Canada, Prince Takamado Gallery. Tokyo.
Inside the snail's shell Vacant. Tokyo.
things you can't unthink Walter Phillips Gallery. Banff.
Your only private part is your brain Koganecho. Yokohama.
Roll up that tender air and the plant dies, the colour fades. Narwhal Projects. Toronto.

Eunice Luk
Every flower was wild and every plant was a weed
Pon Ding. Taipei, Taiwan.

December 28, 2018 - January 20, 2019

To look at things from a different perspective, one must occupy another vantage point. We nurture what we want and kill or pull up what we do not want: Cultivate subjective views and curate specific environments. Along the way, we made the choices to monopolize and manipulate wild living things and classified the rest as invasive. Holding the soil this whole time was the unwanted weed. Naturally evolved wildflowers retaining its original shapes, sizes and fragrances with no alteration or modifications. Its seeds are the best travellers by wind or by water, spreading in unimaginable distances. Its origin simultaneous with the origin of mankind, manifests signs of strength and continues to adapt. Beauty in resilience, the exquisite flower nudges for a second look. A holistic shift in context reveals the potential and possibilities for the undesirable.

Eunice Luk
Taken notice of the Moon
Weird Things. Toronto, Canada.

August 16 - October 10, 2018

Taken notice of the Moon presents a new series of relief works imbued with metaphor and playfulness. The works render intimate views of nature, capturing a sense of meditative calm, optimism and reflection. Each relief fixates on the essential nature of Luk’s environment, listens in and considers the pace and the elements. The visible brushstrokes and texture of the works moreover display a certain vitality common to Luk’s ceramic works.

Eunice Luk and Shokki
Unfound, Museum of Pseudoarchaeology
Mumei. Tokyo, Japan.
July 27 - August 5, 2018

Unfound displays a survey of 60 questionable objects and ceramic materials for the first time from a fictional excavation by the Suna River in the Mount Sanyo area. The investigation, accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue and exhibition audio guide presents the research and hypothesis of Dr. Kitsutsuki Shiro. The objects are examined and given detailed descriptions of their aesthetics: from the choice of clay, forms and surface treatments as well as their assumed functions and production methods. The study of the artifacts offers insight to the lifestyle and customs of a puzzling time and imagined culture. The fictional excavation provides viewers the distance to review their personal relationships with present day objects and materials. The contemplation of a certain monument or artwork, furniture, a ‘healing’ crystal or a favourite tool in their homes and workplaces are brought to mind for their aesthetics and functions. The reflection of manufactured, fabricated or handmade objects challenge viewers to reconsider their connection to and the immaterial value of the physical object.

Unfoundでは、架空の発掘調査報告として、山陽地方「砂川」から発掘された60点にもわたる、謎の物体や陶器などを展示する。きつつきしろう博士の調査と仮説が、詳細な出土品のカタログと自動音声ガイドによって、説明される。発掘品は分析され、土の種類、形状、表面の処理方法のみならず、用途の想定、制作方法まで、詳細な考察がつけられている。これら出土品の研究は、空想上にある、謎めいた、時代・文化習慣や生活様式に対する洞察を与えてくれるだろう。本展示は、鑑賞者に、自らと現代の生活用品や物との関係に対する批評眼をもたらす。職場や自宅にあるモ二ュメントや美術、家具、癒しの水晶、愛着ある道具の外観や機能に対する新たな気づきをもたらす。大量生産品、加工品、手製品への考察は、鑑賞者に、自身と物質の関係性、また、それら物質がどんな価値をもたらしているの か、再考を促す。

Installation view, “Unfound, Museum of Pseudoarchaeology" (2018). Mumei. Tokyo, Japan.
Installation view photos by Fuyumi Murata and individual work photos by Shokki.

Eunice Luk
No egg is perfect
Prince Takamado Gallery, Embassy of Canada, Tokyo.
November 29 - January 20, 2017


Installation view, “No egg is perfect”. Prince Takamado Gallery at The Embassy of Canada. Tokyo, Japan.
Photos by Yasuyuki Kasagi.

Inside the snail's shell
VACANT, Tokyo.
November 25 - December 14, 2016
Eunice Luk

GINZAと同世代ガールのアートで、Feel Easy。カナダ人女性アーティスト、ユニス・ルックが原宿のVACANTとカナダ大使館で個展開催


卵? 虫? 海のいきもの? さまざまなものを連想させるセラミックのオブジェたちが、朝焼けを思わせる薄いピンクやブルー、イエローやオレンジのグラデーションで彩られている。「これは、私なりの自然。森の中にいると守られていると感じる気持ちを表現しています。」カナダ、トロント出身のユニス・ルックは、幅広いメディアを扱うアーティスト。横浜市黄金町と滋賀県信楽町のアーティスト・イン・レジデンスで滞在制作した作品を中心とした個展が、原宿のVACANTとカナダ大使館で開催中だ。

Written by Satoko Shibahara for Ginza Magazine.

Sara Cwynar, Eunice Luk, Virginia Lee Montgomery, Erica Prince
things you can't unthink
Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff.
January 23 - May 22, 2016
Curated by Peta Rake

things you can’t unthink reflects the inconsistencies and contradictions of philosophical fields – new materialism and object-oriented ontology – which are still in flux. Works included speak to innovation, craft, history and science, as well the use of artistic materials – clay, paint, found objects and precious metals – and the ways in which they are employed in the making of artworks.

Installation view, “things you can’t unthink” (2016). Walter Phillips Gallery, The Banff Centre.
Photos by Rita Taylor

Alicia Nauta and Eunice Luk
Your only private part is your brain.
Koganecho Review. Yokohama, Japan.
February 28 - March 21, 2016
Exhibition title by Maddie Harker

Installation view, “Your only private part is your brain” (2016). Koganecho Review. Yokohama, Japan.
Photos by Yasuyuki Kasagi.

Eunice Luk, Alicia Nauta, Luke Painter
Roll up that tender air and the plant dies, the colour fades
Narwhal Projects, Toronto.
May 7 – June 13, 2015

Installation view, “Roll up that tender air and the plant dies, the colour fades ” (2015). Narwhal Projects. Toronto, Canada.
Photos courtesy of Narwhal Projects.

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